A Client Driven Collaborative Design Process

Web projects begin with a discussion of the ultimate goal of the web development (needed functionality, desired content, target audience). Then the discussion turns to design. It may be difficult for a client to articulate what they want out of a design, so it can be helpful to start by gathering a list of preferred websites. Probing as to why and what a client likes about a particular design will help map out areas to focus on and avoid. For this project, the challenge was to take a rather dry, lengthy subject matter and simplify its presentation. Making the design and content approachable, easy to navigate and App like. The website needed high search functionality and the ability to print to a single PDF document for offline use. It also needed to be intuitive for audiences who may or may not be accustomed to mobile and App environments.

The design phase took several steps to arrive at the final look and feel the client wanted. The result is a truly unique Interactive Broker Toolkit that does all it set out to do, and surpassed the client’s expectations. View the Live Site. click here >.