The Right Photography Can Define a Brand

Custom Photography vs. Stock Photography

It’s a question sometimes clients grapple with and most would choose custom photography if they could but budgets and time don’t allow. However, there are times when you really should invest in a photographer and shoot your own custom images. If you are doing a testimonial, depicting customers, representing your staff, or trying to find a truly unique photographic style to establish your brand aesthetic, stock photography can be chancy. The wrong stock image can negatively impact your brand credibility. Haven’t you seen the same images used to promote several different products — the perfect family that appears first banking then taking pharmaceuticals then visiting the grocery store. It tends not to be authentic and may associate your brand with these other products or companies. Custom photography can really add believability and it is possible to get it done without breaking the bank. Negotiate to have full rights and usage for your photos before you begin and bundle potential needs into one or two big photo shoots to save dollars. The Marketing Project works with several talented photographers each with their own unique specialty, the photos you see here are all custom photography by one of our photographers. If you need a photographer or have a project that will include photography, contact us for more information.