Brand Development. Logo. Tagline. Positioning.

When a company comes to The Marketing Project to create or revitalize their brand, we embark on a information gathering process that will inform the creative direction. The process begins with discovery — what are the characteristics of the brand, the target market and how does the brand compare to others in the industry.  Will the brand be bold, sophisticated, approachable? What does the brand stand for and what benefits does it bring to its client or customer base. Once the discovery process has been outlined, the creative process begins. Several designs will be shown for the logo, colors, taglines. Once approved these designs will be incorporated into materials from stationary to a website to collateral. All communication materials and messaging must be aligned with the brand direction. For some organizations, The Marketing Project puts forth an entire brand guide to help ensure all those in the company create and communicate in alignment with the new direction. Here are just a few examples of some brands The Marketing project has worked on.